Our Programs

Don’t be part of the statistics!

Industry studies show that 80% of people who start an exercise program for the first time drop out in the first 6-8 weeks. The reason is they don’t receive the level of support and education required to effectively achieve long term results but more importantly they fail to change their thought processes towards a healthy lifestyle.

Results Based Program

Starting an exercise program is like starting any new sport or hobby, there is an initial induction process where you learn the skills and techniques required to be successful in your sport, remember learning to drive?
How many lessons did you have before you felt confident behind the wheel?

The Results Based Program is the most efficient and effective way to start an exercise program as it includes your own Personal Trainer who will provide the level of support, education and changes in cognitive behaviour to make a permanent change. Your Personal Trainer meets with you weekly to manage your exercise and food requirements ensuring clients achieve long term results.

Self Managed Program

The Self-Managed Program includes unlimited use of Millennium Health Club plus your full Health Evaluation to get you started. Based on the results of your Health Evaluation and with your goals in mind, one of our qualified fitness instructors will write you a tailored program for you to follow to help you achieve your goals.

With this program, you are welcome to have regular Fitness Reviews and Program updates to ensure that you stay motivated to work towards your goals and continue to improve your fitness.